For the climate. For the animals.
For your health.

Well-known personalities who support Veggieday as ambassadors and are convinced of the positive impact.

«With my job, I am almost permanently on the road. It’s very exciting and I love what I do. In the long run, however, it is very demanding physically and mentally. That’s why I make sure I have as good a work-life balance as possible. Nutrition plays a central role. Like most people, I like to eat meat from time to time. However, animal welfare is very close to my heart and I therefore always buy organic meat and, if possible, from a farm in my region. I am a fan of Veggieday because it makes people aware that meat doesn’t have to be on their plates every day. On the contrary, there are so many tasty and healthier alternatives! Take care and look after yourselves and your health!»

Andrea Brotschi, Model/Moderator

«For me, a plant-based diet makes sense because it is good for my body and my health. This type of diet is more environmentally friendly than others and I don’t support animal suffering. It also helped me defend my title as Swiss champion and qualify for European and world championships.»

Nora Jäggi, Weightlifter

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