Thursdays become Tasty!

With the project “Veggieday” we motivate your city, your school community or your employer to leave out meat in the canteen one day per week.

What does that mean for you? Once a week, on Thursday, your canteen will offer you delicious exclusively vegetarian or vegan menus. On Thursdays you leave out the meat. Sounds simple? It is! We want to make the change easy for you, so we promise to do everything we can to ensure that you can eat delicious, hearty, varied and healthy food on Veggieday too.
If we motivate you not to skip meat even outside the canteen, you will make Thursday your very own Veggieday.
You give our campaign a face by living Veggieday.


Elina skips meat

«In my opinion, no animal should have to suffer for our enjoyment. There are so many wonderful alternatives, so I think it's great that Veggieday offers the opportunity to discover them.»

Elina – Student at PH Bern

Veggieday is a good opportunity to rethink ingrained eating and consumption habits. Does it always have to be “Menu 1” with meat? Or are you open to a super tasty, meatless burger or a vegan meatball that young start-ups have invested a lot of time, heart and soul in making? Less meat on our plates has a positive impact on the climate and our own health. And the animals thank us for it too. Every step is a step towards less animal suffering, better health and climate protection. With your openness, you support us in successfully implementing Veggieday. We thank you for that.

We look forward to your support

Do you want your school or employer to take responsibility too? Tell them about our campaign! Any kind of publicity and transmission will help us in our endeavour. If you have any questions or need suggestions, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.

Take the first step towards climate protection - with Veggieday.

Bettina Huber
Campaign Manager at Swissveg
T 071 477 33 77