Thursday is Veggieday – all over Switzerland.

For more and more people, it is a matter of course to reduce their meat consumption or to rely entirely on plant-based food. In recent years, a development has taken place that we find highly gratifying: vegetarian and vegan nutrition has found its footing almost everywhere – in restaurants, public canteens and also in the consciousness of individuals.

The choice of plant-based and vegetarian products is getting bigger, more diverse and tastier; the cookbooks more and more sophisticated. A vegetarian or vegan diet is now tolerated in many places and recognised as a healthy and positive way of life.
Large and innovative Swiss gastronomy groups are working together with young start-ups, animal welfare organisations and universities to meet the high standards of sustainability. Around the world, small companies as well as large corporations are researching to produce even more vegetarian or vegan dishes that are tasty and “umami” – that is, delicious and hearty. The segment is booming; the development can no longer be stopped.

Reasons for the Veggieday:

  • You make an important contribution to climate protection.
  • You contribute to benefitting national health and achieving climate goals.
  • You are a pioneer and establish Thursday as a meat-free day throughout Switzerland.
  • You promote the quality of plant-based cuisine in the catering industry.

The time is ripe for Veggieday

We are convinced that the time is ripe for the next step. The launch of Veggieday in public institutions is the logical consequence of a development that can no longer be called a “trend”. It is about much more: It is about realising that we have to rethink; that we can no longer go on “like this”. With our project, we encourage people to rethink: for the following generations, the environment and the many suffering animals to whom we provide a voice.

Reasons for reducing meat consumption:

  • Tropical forests are being cleared for factory farming.
  • The production of animal food produces more greenhouse gases than the entire global traffic.
  • 60 billion animals are slaughtered every year.
  • Meat consumption in Switzerland is more than twice what is recommended.
  • High meat consumption poses health risks.

Set an example as a company, city or municipality!

With Veggieday, we encourage you to leave out the meat in your canteen every Thursday. Instead, only vegetarian or vegan dishes should be served on this day. Delicious, hearty and healthy – people should like it.
We will of course support you with this change. With our organisation Swissveg, you can count on almost 30 years of experience in this field.
We look forward to hearing from you and to working with you in the future.

Take the step towards climate protection with your canteen - with Veggieday.

Bettina Huber
Campaign Manager at Swissveg
T 071 477 33 77