Teilnehmende Gastronomiebetriebe

Gastronomiebetriebe, die beim Veggieday mitmachen und vom positiven Impact überzeugt sind.

Show that you, too, are leaving out meat – and are happy.

You think Veggieday is great and would like to join? Show us that you support this project. Just send us an email with your photo and statement, and you’re in.

By the way: What do you eat on Thursdays? Take a photo of your delicious food and share it on Instagram with the hashtag #Veggieday and inspire our community.

(Deutsch) Benjamin Hold

(Deutsch) Benjamin Hold lässt das Fleisch weg

«(Deutsch) Im Rahmen unseres Nachhaltigkeits-Engagements ist die Förderung der vegetarischen Verpflegung unser oberstes Ziel.»

(Deutsch) Benjamin Hold – (Deutsch) Leiter Qualitäts- und Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement menuandmore


Tamara skips meat

«I don't eat meat for health, ethical and environmental reasons.»

Tamara – Student at ETH

Sandro Ursch

Sandro Ursch skips meat

«In our sustainability strategy, Veggieday is an important contribution. And, it is simply an contemporary imperative; a responsibility towards the next generations.»

Sandro Ursch – Managing Director of Rigahaus Chur


Elina skips meat

«In my opinion, no animal should have to suffer for our enjoyment. There are so many wonderful alternatives, so I think it's great that Veggieday offers the opportunity to discover them.»

Elina – Student at PH Bern


Philip skips meat

«As long as humans think animals don't feel, animals must feel that humans don't think.»

Philip – Chemistry Lab Technician & Vegan Nutritionist

You too can join in!

Send us a photo with a short text why you omitting meat.